Myocardium Outlining by Volume-of-Interest

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Myocardium Outlining by Volume-of-Interest

An initial contouring is performed on the average MYOCARDIUM images by fitting the heart model to the data. It is the initial contour which will be iteratively adjusted to the image at each individual gate. Obviously, if the initial model calculation results in a bad fit, the following adjustments will also fail. In such a case the process can be interrupted with the button indicated below.


In alternative, the same approaches explained for the MBF processing can be applied :

1.Interactive definition of the model VOI size while still using the Automatic VOI Definition (recommended).

2.Markers definition to improve the initial fit.

3.Manual VOI Definition and editing of the automatic outcome (not recommended).

Once the VOIs have been defined, the Gated button becomes active. When it is selected the following tasks are performed:

Polar sampling for each gate according to the segmentation model defined in the configuration.

Calculation of the LV volume/time curve from the endocardial contours.

Calculation of the various functional metrics values described in the next section.

Note: If complete data is available in the Rest and Stress rows, the above processing needs to be performed for both of them.