Normalization of the Input Image

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Normalization of the Input Image

The exactly same atlas normalization methods are available as described above for the dual-modality workflow, but the normalization is directly performed using the INPUT image, or if it is dynamic using the frame average labeled INPUT AVG.

First select the atlas (e.g. Px Rat(W.Schiffer)), then the normalization method (e.g. Template Based Normalization), and finally an appropriate normalization template (e.g. FDG). The more resemblance between the template and the (averaged) Input, the better the chance that an automatic procedure works.


Start the Normalization

The action button Normalize starts the configured procedure and shows a fusion of the template with the normalized (average) Input image in the next layout NORMALIZED.


Assessment of Normalization Quality

In the case of an automatic normalization it is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the normalization quality. Unfortunately, a fully accurate match can not be expected. Therefore, the assessment is an interactive, subjective task for which the expertise has to be gradually built up.

First, the color table and contrast of the individual images should be optimized. Then, the iso-contour lines, the fusion balance slider, and various fusion modes explained in the Fusion Image Display can be used to assess the degree of the brain alignment. In the example above, the correspondence of the blue (template) and white (Input) iso-contours indicate an acceptable agreement.

Manual Rigid Template Matching

In the case of the Manual Adjustment method the NORMALIZED layout simply shows an overlay of the template with the Input image. As explained before the user has to manually shift and rotate the Anatomical image until the best fit with the template is found. Naturally, the agreement will not be ideal. Note however, that after generating the outline VOIs of the brain regions, they can be further adjusted ig needed.