Client Script Generation

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Client Script Generation

The clients will use a script to start PMOD wherein the license server must pe properly specified. The client script can be generated with the Save Client Starting Script button on the ATL tab. It opens a dialog window as illustrated below.


The transaction server Port and Address should already correspond to the ones configured for the Audit trail license server. In addition, the amount of RAM to be used by the client is available for configuration under the Memory selection. Note that the allocated memory cannot be bigger than the  physical RAM available on the client system.

It is however recommended to make sure the correct properties of the license server are configured:

1.Address: It must contain the address of the server system, which can be obtained by activating the Set Local Host button. Note that entering "localhost" in the HOST area will NOT work!

2.Port: It must contain the port number of the transaction server which was configured as the license server, in the example 5201.

3.Transfer syntax: The Secure box must be configured exactly as for the license server.

4.Memory configuration: must be lower than the physical RAM available on the client system.

5.Select Yes to save the starting script with the specified Name in the subdirectory Start_CLT of the PMOD installation directory.

A confirmation message is shown which reminds the user that some information in the script may be edited once the client system is configured.