Advanced DICOM Server Options

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Advanced DICOM Server Options

Support for Secure DICOM

Standard DICOM communication is not secure, and therefore is not recommended over public networks. To overcome this problem, a DICOM supplement has been finalized which allows implementing secure connections. PMOD supports one of the proposed variants called BASIC TLS SECURE TRANSPORT CONNECTION PROFILE. Of the three optional features (entity authentication, encryption, integrity check) encryption is implemented in the current release. As a consequence, the data transferred can only be interpreted by the target DICOM server with which the communication has been established.

The PMOD server may be configured to accept secure and insecure connections at the same time on two different ports. One port is designated for standard TCP/IP connection and the other for secure TLS connections. To enable secure DICOM, enable the Secure (TLS) checkbox, define a port number, and the AET.

DICOM Import from Directory

Normally the DICOM server is receiving data over the network from DICOM clients. However, it is also possible to have the DICOM server scan a directory and treat found DICOM series in the same way as if they had arrived by the network. This functionality can be configured by the Scan Incoming Folder box. If it is checked, the directory to be scanned can be entered as well as a scanning interval every ... seconds. This import feature can be used to add DICOM images to a PMOD database. Note that after processing the images by the DICOM server they are removed from the incoming folder.