Segmentation Methods

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Segmentation Methods

ITK-based Implementations

Some of the segmentation methods are based on the use of the ITK (Insight Toolkit) libraries. ITK can be used under the open-source BSD license which allows unrestricted use, including use in commercial products (see The ITK-based methods are clearly denoted with ITK in brackets.

Note: PMOD Technologies cannot be held liable for permanent support of the ITK interface, nor for the performance of the provided libraries.

Region Growing Methods

"Region growing algorithms have proven to be an effective approach for image segmentation. The basic approach of a region growing algorithm is to start from a seed region (typically one or more pixels) that are considered to be inside the object to be segmented. The pixels neighboring this region are evaluated to determine if they should also be considered part of the object. If so, they are added to the region and the process continues as long as new pixels are added to the region. Region growing algorithms vary depending on the criteria used to decide whether a pixel should be included in the region or not, the type of connectivity used to determine neighbors, and the strategy used to visit neighboring pixels." The ITK Software Guide.