Label List File

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Label List File

The label list text file has the minimal form:
name1   outlined_name1  label_value1
name2   outlined_name2  label_value2
where each VOI is represented by a line.  

The list can be extended with additional information for the VOI presentation as illustrated below for the PxRat (W.Schiffer).txt. The first column starts with the name followed by a bracket construction which encodes a tree structure. For instance, Auditory belongs to the Cortex in the left Left or right hemisphere of the Forebrain. The second column indicates the name of a generated contour VOI. The third column contains the label value in the atlas file. Each pixel in PxRat (W.Schiffer).nii with value 1 will belongs to the Accumbens_l VOI, pixels with value 2 to Accumbens_r, etc. The fourth column specifies the RGB color values for showing the VOI, and the last column the text to be shown as a tooltip.


Note: For all rows, all columns need to be filled. Spaces in the Name field are not allowed.

The corresponding atlas VOI structure is illustrated below.


There are additional options to be added to the columns for use in PNROD:

O: Indicates that the VOI is not brain matter.

H: Indicates that the VOI should initially be hidden, i.e. not selected on the Group panel.

L, R: Indicates that the VOI belongs to the left (L) or right (R) hemisphere.

C: Indicates that the VOI belongs to the cerebellum.

Example as shown in Excel: