VOI Atlas Organization in PMOD

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VOI Atlas Organization in PMOD

A VOI atlas in PMOD consists of the following components:

1.Atlas image:  Image which encodes the atlas VOIs in a stereotactic space as numeric labels.

2.Label list: Text file mapping the label values to the VOI names shown in the user interface.

3.Manifest: Text file that defines the properties of the atlas.

4.Normalization files for calculation of the transformation between the subject anatomy and atlas anatomy (not needed for human MNI atlases).

The atlas information has to be organized in a sub-directory of resources/templates/voitemplates exactly as illustrated below for the PxRat (W.Schiffer) atlas below.


The atlas name (e.g. PxRat (W.Schiffer)) has to be used as the sub-directory name, the atlas image name (PxRat (W.Schiffer).nii.gz), the label list name (PxRat (W.Schiffer).txt), and the manifest name (PxRat (W.Schiffer).manifest). If the atlas is not a human atlas in the MNI space, it needs to include an additional normalization folder for the templates as illustrated below.

By conforming to this structure it is possible for users to prepare their own VOI atlases.