PMOD Cardiac PET Analysis Tool (PCARDP)

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PMOD Cardiac PET Analysis Tool (PCARDP)

The PCARDP tool represents a flexible environment for the quantification and analysis of myocardial PET studies. Particularly, the following analysis scenarios are supported:

Processing of  dynamic PET studies of the heart with a broad range of tracers. Depending on the tracer, the results represent myocardial blood flow (MBF) or a metabolic turnover such as the metabolic rate of glucose (MRGlu).

Processing of static PET studies. The results consist in polar uptake map and a corresponding numeric table.

Processing of gated PET studies to assess left ventriculat (LV) function. The results represent various functional metrics like LV volume/time curve, ED (end-diastolic) volume, ES (end-systolic) volume, SV (stroke volume), EF (ejection fraction) as well as segmental uptake.

Parallel processing of paired stress and rest studies for a side-by-side comparison is supported for all the above scenarios.