Segments Inspection

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Segments Inspection

All of the segmentation methods result in VOI definitions, indicated by the green bullet (a red bullet indicates empty segmentation).


To inspect and potentially correct the segments please activate the green button. A VOI editor opens in a new window, as illustrated below.


Each segment which will result in a time-contrast curve is represented as an entry in the VOI list. The naming convention is as follows:

M indicates a myocardial curve, LV corresponds to the contrast curve in the ventricle center which will be used as the input curve for modeling.

The first number corresponds to the slice number in the data set.

The second number corresponds to the sector number. Numbering is clockwise, starting after the RV edge.

The third number corresponds to the transmural sector. Numbering is from the inner to the outer.

Please refer to the PMOD Base Functionality Guide to learn about methods how to edit VOIs.