Starting of the Servers

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Starting of the Servers

At this point of the configuration the transaction servers and the DICOM server can be started. Please close the PMOD Users configuration window with Ok, and stop PMOD by selecting Quit from the ToolBox.

Start the transaction servers using the scripts which can be found in the Pmod4.3/Start_ATL sub-directory. This can be done by double-clicking the script files, or by opening a command window per server and entering the complete name of the script.

1.RunDbSvr_Audit_5201: Starts the transaction server for the Audit database and license server functionality.

2.RunDbSvr_Import_5202: Starts the transaction server for the Import database to which the DICOM server will save.

3.RunDbSvr_Study1_5203, RunDbSvr_Study2_5204, etc: Start the transaction servers for the databases configured for studies 1 and 2.
Similarly, start the transaction server for all other study databases.

Note: Per default the output of the transaction servers is shown in the respective terminal windows. To redirect the output to a file please add the -o argument to the end of the command in the starting script.

Then start the DICOM server double-clicking the script RunDcmSvr_5030_PMOD which was saved in the Start_ATL directory.

Important Note: After the initial server configuration and starting of the transaction and dicom servers the RunPmodClient.bat script should be used both for normal work and administrative tasks.  Please remember that before using the server script RunPmod.bat in the Start directory all clients should be switched off (single user environment). All transaction and dicom servers should be restarted after any administrative changes on server.