Data Processing

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Data Processing

Data processing with an ATL client is exactly the same as with a standard PMOD instance except for the following differences:

1.A user will not see all available databases, just the ones for which he has been authorized.

2.A user can not delete from database, unless he has been assigned this privilege.

3.All loading and saving operations in all PMOD tools are logged to the Audit Trail.

4.When image data are loaded from a database, the ImageHistory of these images are loaded as well. New data processing steps are appended to this ImageHistory, so that there is a full data processing record in the ImageHistory.

5.When image data are saved, the complete ImageHistory is automatically saved. Both operations are recorded in the Audit Trail, so that the data transformations can be easily tracked and reported.

6.When VOI statistics is performed and the result saved, the VOIs are automatically saved.