Scene Rotation and Cines

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Scene Rotation and Cines

The Rotation pane contains multiple elements for creating cines or movies.


The sliders allow well-controlled rotations of the scene.

A cine is configured by the following properties:

1.the initial rotation angles (sliders),

2.the rotation axis (icons left to sliders),

3.the Angle increment in degrees (smaller increments produce smoother cines),

4.the rotation Range in degrees,

5.the behavior at the end of the rotation range (bouncing),

6.the Speed.

The cine can then be started with one of the play buttons, eg Button Cinee Start. Note that the rotation axis may be changed while the cine is playing, and scene manipulations by the mouse are still active.

Creating Movies

To record a cine as a movie first configure the cine loop appropriately and test it. Then enable the movie button Button Movie and start. A dialog appears

P3D Movie Saving

which allows defining the movie format (QuickTime, Animated GIF or DICOM), quality settings and the destination path.

After confirming with Start, the scene is stepped through the angles until the defined number of Rotations is covered, creating a jpeg file at each angle. Finally, the jpeg images are compiled into the movie, and the jpeg files (optionally) deleted.