Scene Operations

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Scene Operations

The main advantage of 3D renderings is that a user can interactively manipulate the scene to see it from different viewpoints. The scene can be explored in a mouse-operated way:

To rotate the scene, click the left mouse button into the scene and drag the mouse.

To zoom the scene, click the middle mouse button into the scene and drag the mouse. Note that this mouse-operated zooming changes the rotation center. In order to keep the rotation center in the center of the object, the zoom slider on the Scene pane should be used.

To shift the scene out of the center, for instance to examine a zoomed lesion, click the right mouse button into the scene and drag. To have a full view of the scene use the picture_9200 button in the taskbar for hiding the controls to the right. Activating the same button again brings the controls back.

In the Scene panel of the View tab there are two sub-panes.