Rendering Properties

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Rendering Properties

Each entry in the Segments list has its own rendering properties which can easily be changed. Set Segments 3D rendering properties or double clicking a list entry brings up the dialog window below.



Rendering type

Surface (default) generates a SR object. The surface Color can be changed with the corresponding button.
Smoothing applies a Gaussian filter before the 3D surface mesh generation. This will change the apparent volume of the segments and is thus not recommended for small objects.

Volume generates a VR object. The initial color table to be applied can be set as illustrated below. The other VR properties can be changed after rendering.

Volume HD is the same as Volume, but in order to achieve smooth animations the data is interpolated to the smallest pixel dimension.

Path extracts the "center-lines" of a 3D binary image generated by a segmentation algorithm (SR or VR) and generates curve skeletons also known as path vectors:


Segment name

Change the name to a meaningful string.


Close, accepting the changed properties.


Close without changes.

Render 3D

Starts the 3D rendering based on the selected rendering properties. The created object appears in the 3D Rendering scene and in the View tree.

Saving Segments

The Current segment or the Combined segments can be saved as images in any of the supported formats using the Save segments button.