Protocol Files

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Protocol Files

Saving a scene in VRML is limited to SR objects, and may create huge files. A more flexible alternative is to save a description of the P3D rendering in a protocol file using the Save Protocol button in the status line. When such a P3D protocol is loaded again, a dialog window appears which indicates the data to be loaded.

P3D Protocol Dialog

If the user wants to apply the same rendering to similar data, he can replace the input files with the Button Change File buttons. Execute the protocol with Run Protocol.

Normally the scene will be cleared and replaced by the result of the protocol. Please enable the pushpin picture_7819 for appending protocol results to the currently available 3D scene. To create high definition VR objects the Use Volume HD option should be enabled.

The picture_4685 button shows a dialog window containing standard rendering definitions.

P3D Predefined Protocols

Currently, the following predefined protocols are supported:


2.Heart (CT)

3.Heart(CT+PET): Angio CT renderings are offered with and without multi-modal fusion.

4.Bones (CT)


6.Mouse (CT+NM)

Note that when a predefined protocol is selected, appropriate input files have to be set using the Button Change Filebuttons with the Load data and run protocol radio button enabled:


To apply the procedure to data already loaded, enable the Run protocol on current data radio button.