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Adjust/Compare Page

All the studies shown on the Adjust/Compare page have run through the reslicing process and hence have the same resolution as the Reference study. As a consequence, there is a one-to-one relationship between the pixels in all studies. This allows several tasks to be performed easily:

The pixel values in two or three studies can be combined (for instance by adding the RGB colors) to calculate a "fusion" value. All fusion pixels together form a fusion image.

Image algebra can be performed with the pixel values, for instance to calculate a pixel-wise difference image.

VOIs can be applied to several studies, and the values of the VOI pixels shown in scatter plots (2D or 3D).

Reports can be generated and saved as JPG/TIFF, or as a DICOM Secondary Capture object.

If the after automatic matching or initial reslicing is not yet satisfactory, there are two methods to adjust the alignment with the Reference:

Manual Matching, or

Markers Matching

Note: Images matched manually or with the markers method can be saved with the Button Save button in the taskbar, or using the CoReg button on the Initialize/Match page.

The different registration modes and processing tasks are described in the following sections.