PMOD Cloud License Activation

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PMOD Cloud License Activation

If a Cloud License has been purchased, no driver installation is necessary after PMOD software extraction. Instead, registration of the Client ID with the PMOD Cloud License Server is required. The Client ID is listed in the PMOD delivery note and also when singing into the PMOD account.

Activation of Client ID

Please start PMOD with the command script RunPmod.bat in Pmod4.2/Start. The following dialog window appears:


Activate Go to License Server Settings, to arrive on the License Server panel.


Switch Type to Cloud, and enter the Client ID code, which you have copied from the delivery note or the PMOD account. Then activate Connect to License Server(s). If everything runs normally, the dialog window disappears and the PMOD ToolBox opens up instead. Because the configuration is saved in the file lcserver.ini in the system/lcs directory, the dialog window doesn't appear any more when PMOD is started.


If the dialog window below appears, registration of the Client ID was not successful.


If the entered code was correct, the most likely issue is lacking Internet connectivity with the Cloud License Server. Please make sure that connection to port 6000 of is allowed for. If you are working behind an institution firewall, please contact your IT department and ask them to grant you this connectivity.

If there is a need to get access to the License Server configuration panel for entering a modified code, please remove the file lcserver.ini in the system/lcs directory.

Note that if PMOD is started more times than allowed for in the license configuration, the first instances will be forced to quit.