Stopping/Starting of the Servers

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Stopping/Starting of the Servers

Server Stopping

To ensure proper shutdown each server should be stopped with Ctrl+C signal (closing terminal can break onging operations). For instance, the DICOM server will continue until the last image of a data transfer has been received.

If for maintenance reasons the servers have to be stopped the following order is recommended:

1.Stopping the DICOM server and waiting for its termination, so that received images can yet be announced to the database.

2.Stopping the study database transaction servers using Ctrl+C.

3.Stopping the audit trail and license server.

Server Starting

After maintenance it is recommended to start the servers with the scripts in the Start_ATL folder in the following order:

1.Start the audit trail and license server.

2.Start the study database transaction servers.

3.Start the DICOM server.