Client Installation

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Client Installation

The clients will run PMOD locally. In contrast to a standard PMOD installation, they will not use the local properties, but retrieve the dedicated properties of the user at login.

If all the clients are homogeneous, i.e. using the same operating system, it is recommended setup a single PMOD client installation on a share which can be reached by all clients and is mounted in the same manner so that they can use the same starting script.

If all the clients are not homogeneous, they require an individual setup because of the differing Java environment.

Homogeneous Client Environment

Please proceed with the client configuration as described below. For the explanation it is assumed that the installation is performed on the common share P:\ATL-Client.

In a first step install PMOD with a suitable Java environment.

1.On a PMOD Client system, start a PMOD installation from CD.

2.Point the installation directory to P:\ATL-Client.

3.Enable only the item PMOD Software, and disable all other items.

4.Complete the installation without importing properties.

5.Remove all scripts in the Pmod4.2\Start directory

Note: Do NOT copy the license file to the client installation.

In a second step tailor the client starting script.

1.Copy the client starter script RunPmodClient.bat from the Start_CLT directory on the server to the P:/ATL-Client/Pmod4.2/Start directory.

2.Then edit P:/ATL-Client/Pmod4.2/Start /RunPmodClient.bat. The part which has to be edited is the path of the installation as it will be seen from the client systems. Also, the maximal allocated memory may be increased from 16000MB for example to 20GB (-Xmx20000M or -Xmx20G) for a system with 24GB pf physical RAM available.
cd P:\ATL-Client\Pmod4.2\
.\java\jre\bin\java -version
.\java\jre\bin\java -Xmx20000M -jar pmod.jar -LSC[5201@]

Now the client script can be tested. After a certain time, the PMOD toolbox should appear.

Heterogeneous Client Environment

If the client systems have differing operating systems, a common installation is not possible. In this case a local installation per client should be performed and configured as described above. The only difference is that the common share path P:\ATL-Client is replaced by a local directory.