PNROD Sub-Pages

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PNROD Sub-Pages

The PNROD interface includes four sub-pages:

DB Load

This page serves for image loading from a PMOD database. PMOD will try assigning it the role of functional or anatomical image. Alternatively the images can be loaded using the loading buttons during the processing workflow. The DB Load page disappears if the database functionality is switched off.

Brain Atlas Adjustment

This is the main page to select a brain atlas and adjust it to the brain of the subject which has been imaged. During the workflow, it shows a sequence of layouts for performing the different tasks.

Parametric Mapping

This page is only available, if the pixel-wise modeling tool PXMOD has been licensed. It allows the user to perform parametric mapping as part of the analysis of dynamic data.

Result Statistics

This page shows the statistical results of the analysis. Depending on the data, it contains a table listing the regional average in the adjusted brain regions, or a plot of curves representing the regional averages along a dynamic acquisition.