Polar Plots of Dynamic Data

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Polar Plots of Dynamic Data

The result of radial sampling is visualized on the REST Input or Stress Input tab of the Kinetic Modeling page. The frame selection allows scrolling through the uptake times and monitor the concentration in the sampled tissue voxels. Note that the polar plot is only available with the automatically outlined myocardium VOI.

PCARD Radial Sampling Polar Plot

The S checkbox allows syncronizing the polar and image display frames. The dynamic polar map can be saved activating the Save icon, either as an Image, or as a Text (tabulated) file. Optionally, the header can be appended during the text saving procedure by enabling the Hdr checkbox. After saving, numeric data can be analyzed in the PMOD-R interface or outside the PMOD software, and the image data by a parametric mapping approach.

With the Overlay sectors icon OverlaySectors switched ON various options are available for selection of the overlay: Arterial, 4 sectors, 17 AHA sectors and 20 AHA sectors.