Examining the Results

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Examining the Results

Parameters per Segment

The Parameters tab on the Kinetic Modeling page shows the modeling results obtained with the individual segmental TACs. After a segment has been selected, the result parameters are shown in the upper table, and the corresponding TAC in the lower curve area.


Polar Plots

The parameters resulting in the different segments can conveniently be visualized as polar plots. The example below shows the polar plot of the parameter flow (MBF) , without interpolation and with the display controls enabled. By default, segments definition is overlaid. These can be easily switched off selecting the toggle button Button Polar Plot-Segments Overlay in the lower right corner of the polar plot. The list selection nearby allows applying a 48x48 or 60x60 interpolation to the polar plots or reset the interpolation with the No option. The + button serves for defining a standard maximal value, which can be entered in the number field left to it.  

The list selection at the bottom switch between the model parameters. When the cursor is moved about the polar plot the segmental parameter value is shown in the upper right. Note that the segment structure is clearly visible if no interpolation has been configured for the polar plot.

PCARD Polar Plot Result

The polar plot display control can be easily switch on/off right clicking on the polar plot area and selecting the Hide/Show Controls option.

Polar Plot Properties

The Properties list entry allows changing the font size and the aliasing.

Resampled Data and Parameter Images

The image display on the right side of Kinetic Modeling page initially shows the MYOCARDIUM data. Note, however, that you can switch between more studies by the list selection as illustrated below. Green bullets represent data already available, while red bullets mark data which still needs to be calculated (in the example modeling has not yet been performed).

PCARD Result Data Selection

All this data has been resampled based on the Myocard VOI, so that the 22 slices cover the area from the apex to the base, plus some additional bounding box.


The data calculated in the pre-processing step as a representation of myocardium (already illustrated above).


Resampled dynamic image data. Use the volume slider to step through the different acquisition times.
PCARD Dynamic Resampled


The data calculated in the pre-processing step as a representation of blood.
PCARD Blood Resampled


The calculated active parameter (eg. flow MBF) turned into a volumetric image (one value per segment).
PCARD Parameters Resampled

The interpolation has been disabled in the illustration above to clearly demonstrate the segmental parameter values. Note that the result images can be saved, for instance for fusion with a matched anatomical data set.


Illustration of the segments. Note: The representation is based on the myocardium epi and endo contours. The actual samples for TAC calculation depend on the sampling scheme.
PCARD Segments Illustration

Note: If you click into the polar plot, the image to the right is adjusted so that the corresponding slice is shown. With an orthogonal image layout, the cross is positioned at the sampling location corresponding to the polar plot point.