Calculation of the Time-activity Curves

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Calculation of the Time-activity Curves

After the VOIs have been defined the

PCARD Kinetic Modeling Button

button becomes active. When it is selected the following processing steps are performed:

The full DYNAMIC study is resliced into the short axis orientation and interpolated, so that the range from the apex to the base is covered by 22 slices. At the same time, the data set is truncated to a box enclosing only the heart. These operations are also applied to the BLOOD and the MYOCARDIUM data sets.

The blood time activity curves are calculated in the LV and RV VOIs.

The time-activity curves in the different myocardial sectors are calculated according to the segmentation model defined in the configuration.

Note: If complete data is available in the Rest and Stress rows, the above processing is performed for both of them.