Saving and Retrieving Configurations

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Saving and Retrieving Configurations

If different types of studies are analyzed with the same PCARDP installation it is recommended to proceed as follows:
For each study type

Later, when PCARDP is started to process a particular study, Load the appropriate configuration using the Settings/Retrieve entry in the Cardio PET menu. This restores all configurations, and processing can be begun without going into the configuration details again.

Note: Loading a settings file restores all configurations of the entire PCARDP tool. For instance, the configurations related to all tracers are restored, not only of the currently active one.

When PCARDP is closed, all configuration settings are stored as the initial PCARDP settings. They are loaded again the next time PCARDP is started with the same PMOD login. Therefore, explicit loading of a settings file is not required if only a single study type is processed. This behavior can be exploited as an alternative to using different settings files. To do so define a separate PMOD login for each study type, eg. "Cardiac NH3" and "Cardiac H2O". These logins can then be used to process ammonia and water studies, respectively.