Orthogonal Planes

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Orthogonal Planes

With the Orthogonal button a new planes object appears in the tree. Per default the first plane is named 1. This name can be edited in the Name field. Initially, all three orthogonal planes are displayed, but they can individually be switched on/off using the Z, Y and X toggle buttons. The x button switches off all three planes. The planes show the slice images of the study selected on the Input tab. There the image coloring can be adjusted.

Note: Because there might be several planes object in the tree, a plane object has to be selected when changing the coloring or the planes location.

Navigator Window

The position of the planes can best be changed using the planes navigator, which is started using the P3D Navigator Popup button. The appearing window shows three orthogonal slice images and a list selection to choose among the loaded series.

P3D Navigator Window

The triangulation point can be changed by simply clicking into the navigator images. The slice locations can be changed by selecting other slices in the Input series.

In alternative, the position of the planes can be changed in the 3D scene by clicking with the left mouse button, holding and dragging the plane of interest.

In case the plane locations of the Planes object should no more be changed, select the Lock pushpin button.

Planes Styles

The planes can be rendered in different styles which can be selected from the list to the right of the plane buttons.


The axial slice in the example below is Opaque, while the coronal slice is Transparent. Transparent slices do not obstruct the view, but this style is not applicable if a VR object has been rendered.


The Contour style suppresses the image information below a threshold which can be defined with the Thr slider. Only the biggest connected area will be shown. In contrast, MultiContour, shows all area above the threshold.  


If multiple plane sets have been created, View selected only allows showing only the planes belonging to the object currently selected in the tree.