Configuration Settings

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Configuration Settings

There are a few specific configurations for the P3D tool. They can be accessed by the Menu entry Settings/Modify, or directly using the Button Settings button.

P3D Configuration Settings

The View Box Initially check is for enabling the wire frame box, and View Coordinates Initially the orientation cube at start-up.

Some graphics boards may also support volume rendering textures in hardware. To exploit this acceleration feature, check the Enable use of 3D Texture hardware support box, and/or the Enable use of Non Power of Two Texture hardware support box. Maximum resolution of Volume Rendering is identified during the Acceptance test. However it can be decrease selecting a smaller resolution available on the list.

Objects generated in P3D are positioned relative to the center of the scene volume (i.e. the center of the image volume is aligned with the center of the scene, Center of matrix). It can be modified by setting Objects position relative to to Begin of matrix, Center of matrix or Data origins.