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User Interface

P3D organizes the functionality on four pages which can be selected by the upper tabs.


The detachable taskbar at the right side of the application window offers the following functions. Please also note the button tooltips which provide short explanations.

Load input image data. The arrow below the load button is used for switching among the available image formats.


If the pin is fixed, loaded studies will be appended to the list of present studie(s). Otherwise the prior studies will be overwritten.

Button Save

Save results of the last segmentation. The arrow below the save button is used for switching among the image formats which can be used for saving.

P3D Preddefined protocols icon

Contains rendering definitions for some data combinations as well as example renderings.

P3D Taskbar: Capture Display

Allows capturing the 3D scene.

P3D Taskbar Print Report

Allows printing a report of the 3D scene.

Button Hide/Show Controls

Allows hiding/showing image controls

P3D Taskbar View port

Toggle button for enlarging/shrinking the image viewport in the 3D Rendering page, Input tab.

Large View Button

Show the planes window for triangulating a position

P3D Taskbar Update button

Explicit call to a scene refresh. This button is only enabled after changing VR properties.